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Faculty Council Service Award

Congratulations to C.W. Miller, recipient of the 2017 Faculty Council Harry Rosenberg Distinguished Service Award, presented by Carole Makela at the May 2, 2017 Faculty Council meeting.

Faculty Council Executive Committee’s Pledge of Student Support

On behalf of the Faculty Council Executive Committee, we share the following message of support to all of our ASSET students and international students from Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Syria, Sudan, and Yemen:

The Faculty Council Executive Committee affirms Colorado State University’s commitment to fostering an environment that is inclusive and respectful of diversity in all its forms — in our classrooms, our offices, on campus, and beyond.

To that end, the Faculty Council Executive Committee pledges to support our students who attend Colorado State University under DACA and Colorado’s ASSET law.  We are also in full support of students whose visa status may impede their ability to pursue their education.

We commend President Tony Frank’s efforts to extend educational opportunities to all.  We support the administration in pursuing all reasonable, legal measures that strengthen CSU’s commitment to providing academic opportunities to these, and all, students.


Mary Stromberger, Faculty Council Chair
Stephanie Clemons, Faculty Council Vice Chair
Paul Doherty, Jr., Faculty Representative to the Board of Governors
Rita Knoll, Executive Assistant
Jason Ahola, College of Agricultural Sciences
J. Lucas Argueso, College of Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences
George Barisas, College of Natural Sciences
Angela Christian, College of Liberal Arts
Scott Glick, College of Health and Human Sciences
Nancy Hunter, University Libraries
Troy Mumford, College of Business
William Sanford, Warner College of Natural Resources
Russ Schumacher, College of Engineering
Rick Miranda, Provost and Executive Vice President

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