Faculty Council Officers

July 1, 2016 – June 30, 2017

Chair: Mary Stromberger (Soil and Crop Sciences)
Vice-Chair: Stephanie Clemons (Design and Merchandising)
Board of Governors Faculty Representative: Paul Doherty, Jr. (Fish, Wildlife, & Conservation Biology)
Executive Assistant/Recording Secretary: Rita Knoll
Parliamentarian: Lola Fehr, Professional Registered Parliamentarian

Historical Membership

Faculty Council Members

Elected MembersRepresentingTerm ExpiresCollege / Division
Jason AholaCollege-at-Large2017Agricultural Sciences
Adam HeubergerHorticulture and Landscape Architecture2019Agricultural Sciences
Stephan KrollAgricultural and Resource Economics2019Agricultural Sciences
Stephen ColemanAnimal Sciences2018Agricultural Sciences
Scott NissenBioagricultural Sciences and Pest Management2018Agricultural Sciences
Bradley GoetzCollege-at-Large2019Agricultural Sciences
Jane ChoiCollege-at-Large2019Agricultural Sciences
Francesca CotrufoSoil and Crop Sciences2017Agricultural Sciences
Bill RankinAccounting2019Business
Kelly Martin
(substituting for Tuba Ustuner thru Spring '17)
Lisa KutcherCollege-at-Large2019Business
John HoxmeierCollege-at-Large2019Business
Tianyang WangFinance and Real Estate2019Business
Stephen HayneComputer Information Systems2018Business
Troy MumfordManagement2018Business
Siddharth SuryanarayananElectrical and Computer Engineering2019Engineering
Rebecca AtaderoCivil and Environmental Engineering2018Engineering
Shantanu JatharMechanical Engineering2017Engineering
J. Rockey LuoCollege-at-Large2019Engineering
Russ SchumacherAtmospheric Science2018Engineering
Travis BaileyChemical and Biological Engineering2019Engineering
Steven ReisingCollege-at-Large2019Engineering
Ted WatsonCollege-at-Large2018Engineering
John HayesDean, Warner College of Natural ResourcesN/AEx Officio Non-Voting Members
Blanche M. HughesVice President for Student AffairsN/AEx Officio Non-Voting Members
Anthony FrankPresidentN/AEx Officio Non-Voting Members
Brett AndersonVice President for AdvancementN/AEx Officio Non-Voting Members
Mary OntiverosVice President for DiversityN/AEx Officio Non-Voting Members
Patrick BurnsVice President for Information Technology/Dean University LibrariesN/AEx Officio Non-Voting Members
Mark StetterDean, College of Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical SciencesN/AEx Officio Non-Voting Members
Toni-Lee VineyChair, Administrative Professional CouncilN/AEx Officio Non-Voting Members
Rick MirandaProvost/Executive Vice PresidentN/AEx Officio Non-Voting Members
Tom MilliganVice President for Public AffairsN/AEx Officio Non-Voting Members
Lou SwansonVice President for Engagement/Director of ExtensionN/AEx Officio Non-Voting Members
Alan RudolphVice President for ResearchN/AEx Officio Non-Voting Members
Ajay MenonDean, College of Agricultural SciencesN/AEx Officio Non-Voting Members
Daniel BushVice Provost for Faculty AffairsN/AEx Officio Non-Voting Members
Lynn JohnsonVice President for University OperationsN/AEx Officio Non-Voting Members
Jan NergerDean, College of Natural SciencesN/AEx Officio Non-Voting Members
Robin BrownVice President for Enrollment and AccessN/AEx Officio Non-Voting Members
Jeff McCubbinDean, College of Health and Human SciencesN/AEx Officio Non-Voting Members
Kelly LongVice Provost for Undergraduate AffairsN/AEx Officio Non-Voting Members
David McLeanDean, College of EngineeringN/AEx Officio Non-Voting Members
Beth WalkerDean, College of BusinessN/AEx Officio Non-Voting Members
Jim CooneyVice Provost for International AffairsN/AEx Officio Non-Voting Members
Ben WithersDean, College of Liberal ArtsN/AEx Officio Non-Voting Members
Jodie HanzlikDean, Graduate SchoolN/AEx Officio Non-Voting Members
Mary StrombergerChair, Faculty Council/Executive Committee2017Ex Officio Voting Committee Chair Members
Stephanie ClemonsVice-Chair, Faculty Council2017Ex Officio Voting Committee Chair Members
Paul Doherty, Jr.Board of Governors Faculty Representative2017Ex Officio Voting Committee Chair Members
Donald SamelsonChair Committee on Scholarship Research and Graduate Education2017Ex Officio Voting Committee Chair Members
Nancy HunterChair Committee on Libraries2019Ex Officio Voting Committee Chair Members
Katharine LeighChair Committee on Strategic and Financial Planning2017Ex Officio Voting Committee Chair Members
Jenny MorseChair Committee on Non-Tenure Track Faculty2017Ex Officio Voting Committee Chair Members
Carole MakelaChair University Curriculum Committee2017Ex Officio Voting Committee Chair Members
Dan TurkChair Committee on Responsibilities and Standing of Academic Faculty2019Ex Officio Voting Committee Chair Members
Matt HickeyChair Committee on Teaching and Learning2018Ex Officio Voting Committee Chair Members
Don EstepChair Committee on Faculty Governance2017Ex Officio Voting Committee Chair Members
Eric PrinceChair Committee on University Programs2017Ex Officio Voting Committee Chair Members
Karen BarrettChair Committee on Scholastic Standards2019Ex Officio Voting Committee Chair Members
Todd DonavanChair Committee on Intercollegiate Athletics2017Ex Officio Voting Committee Chair Members
Eunhee ChoiSchool of Social Work2019Health and Human Sciences
Scott GlickConstruction Management2017Health and Human Sciences
David SampsonFood Science and Human Nutrition2019Health and Human Sciences
Gloria Luong
(substituting for Lisa Daunhauer - parental leave)
Human Development and Family Studies2018Health and Human Sciences
Tom ChermackSchool of Education2018Health and Human Sciences
Brian TracyHealth and Exercise Science2018Health and Human Sciences
Barb HooperOccupational Therapy2017Health and Human Sciences
Anna PerryDesign and Merchandising2019Health and Human Sciences
Adrian HowkinsHistory2017Liberal Arts
Marius LeheneArt2017Liberal Arts
Julia Khrebtan-HorhagerCommunication Studies2019Liberal Arts
Antonio Pedros-GasconCollege-at-Large2019Liberal Arts
Jonathan CarlyonLanguages, Literatures and Cultures2018Liberal Arts
Michael PanteAnthropology2017Liberal Arts
Albert BimperEthnic Studies2019Liberal Arts
Moti GorinPhilosophy2019Liberal Arts
Robert KellerEconomics2017Liberal Arts
TBDJournalism and Technical Communication2017Liberal Arts
Mohammed HirchiCollege-at-Large2017Liberal Arts
Sue DoeEnglish2018Liberal Arts
Wesley FerreiraMusic, Theater, and Dance2019Liberal Arts
Tara OpsalSociology2019Liberal Arts
Kyle SaundersPolitical Science2018Liberal Arts
David RiepCollege-at-Large2018Liberal Arts
Angela ChristianCollege-at-Large2018Liberal Arts
(Lori Peek left CSU - Spring '17)
College-at-Large2018Liberal Arts
Maria Fernandez-GimenezForest, Rangeland, and Watershed Stewardship2017Natural Resources
Julie Savidge (Fall 2016 and 2017); Barry Noon (Spring 2017 and 2018)Fish,Wildlife, and Conservation Biology2018Natural Resources
Monique RoccaEcosystem Science and Sustainability2017Natural Resources
William SanfordGeosciences2017Natural Resources
Richard Knight
(substituting for Stuart Cottrell - sabbatical Fall '16)
Human Dimensions of Natural Resources in Warner College2017Natural Resources
Mary MeyerStatistics2019Natural Sciences
Silvia CanettoPsychology2019Natural Sciences
Ross McConnellComputer Science2019Natural Sciences
Mingzhong WuPhysics2017Natural Sciences
Janice MooreCollege-at-Large2018Natural Sciences
Anton BettenCollege-at-Large2019Natural Sciences
Gerhard DangelmayrMathematics2017Natural Sciences
Brad ConnerCollege-at-Large2018Natural Sciences
Jennifer NyborgBiochemistry and Molecular Biology2019Natural Sciences
George BarisasChemistry2017Natural Sciences
Melinda SmithBiology2018Natural Sciences
Ed DeLoshCollege-at-Large2017Natural Sciences
Alan Van OrdenCollege-at-Large2018Natural Sciences
Michelle WildeAt-Large2019University Libraries
Nancy HunterLibraries2019University Libraries
Lucas ArguesoEnvironmental and Radiological Health Sciences2017Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences
C.W. MillerBiomedical Sciences2019Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences
Gerald CallahanCollege-at-Large2017Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences
Dean HendricksonClinical Sciences2019Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences
Marie LegareCollege-at-Large2019Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences
Alan SchenkelMicrobiology, Immunology and Pathology2018Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences
Ryan FerrisCollege-at-Large2017Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences
Patrick McCueCollege-at-Large2018Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences
DN Rao VeeramachaneniCollege-at-Large2018Veterinary Medicine
Stuart TobetCollege-at-Large2018Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences
Anne AveryCollege-at-Large2019Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences
Dawn DuvalCollege-at-Large2019Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences
Tod ClappCollege-at-Large2019Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences