Faculty Council Officers

July 1, 2021 – June 30, 2022

Chair: Sue Doe (English)
Vice-Chair: Andrew Norton
Board of Governors Faculty Representative: Melinda Smith
Executive Assistant/Recording Secretary: Amy Barkley
Parliamentarian: Lola Fehr, Registered Parliamentarian

Historical Membership

Faculty Council Members

Elected MembersRepresentingTerm ExpiresCollege / Division
Kelly CurlHorticulture and Landscape Architecture2022Agricultural Sciences
Dawn Thilmany (substituting for Stephan Kroll, on sabbatical Spring 2022)Agricultural and Resource Economics2022Agricultural Sciences
Jennifer MartinAnimal Sciences2024Agricultural Sciences
Jane StewartAgricultural Biology2024Agricultural Sciences
Jim IppolitoSoil and Crop Sciences2023Agricultural Sciences
Steve Fonte (substituting for Marco Costanigro, on sabbatical 2021-22)College-at-Large2023Agricultural Sciences
Bradley GoetzCollege-at-Large2023Agricultural Sciences
Andrew NortonCollege-at-Large2023Agricultural Sciences
Bill RankinAccounting2023Business
Jonathan ZhangMarketing2023Business
John ElderFinance and Real Estate2022Business
John HoxmeierComputer Information Systems2024Business
Rob MitchellManagement2024Business
Ali Pezeshki Electrical and Computer Engineering2022Engineering
Hussam MahmoudCivil and Environmental Engineering2024Engineering
Kirk McGilvrayMechanical Engineering2023Engineering
Peter Jan van LeeuwenAtmospheric Science2024Engineering
Margarita Herrera-AlonsoChemical and Biological Engineering2022Engineering
Thomas BradleySystems Engineering2023Engineering
Steven ReisingCollege-at-Large2022Engineering
J. Rockey LuoCollege-at-Large2022Engineering
Sybil SharvelleCollege-at-Large2023Engineering
John HayesDean, Warner College of Natural ResourcesN/AEx Officio Non-Voting Members
Blanche M. HughesVice President for Student AffairsN/AEx Officio Non-Voting Members
Joyce McConnellPresidentN/AEx Officio Non-Voting Members
Ann ClaycombChief of StaffN/AEx Officio Non-Voting Members
Kim TobinVice President for AdvancementN/AEx Officio Non-Voting Members
Kauline CiprianiVice President for Inclusive ExcellenceN/AEx Officio Non-Voting Members
Karen EstlundDean, University LibrariesN/AEx Officio Non-Voting Members
Brandon BernierVice President for Information TechnologyN/AEx-Officio Non-Voting Members
Colin ClayInterim Dean, College of Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical SciencesN/AEx Officio Non-Voting Members
Sarah OlsonChair, Administrative Professional CouncilN/AEx Officio Non-Voting Members
Mary PedersenProvost/Executive Vice PresidentN/AEx Officio Non-Voting Members
Yolanda BevillVice President for University CommunicationsN/AEx Officio Non-Voting Members
Blake NaughtonVice President for Engagement and ExtensionN/AEx Officio Non-Voting Members
Alan RudolphVice President for ResearchN/AEx Officio Non-Voting Members
Jenelle BeaversVice President for StrategyN/AEx-Officio Non-Voting
Diana PrietoVice President for Equity, Equal Opportunity and Title IXN/AEx Officio Non-Voting Members
James PritchettDean, College of Agricultural SciencesN/AEx Officio Non-Voting Members
Susan JamesVice Provost for Faculty AffairsN/AEx Officio Non-Voting Members
Lynn JohnsonVice President for University OperationsN/AEx Officio Non-Voting Members
Jan NergerDean, College of Natural SciencesN/AEx Officio Non-Voting Members
Yolanda BevillInterim Vice President for Enrollment and AccessN/AEx Officio Non-Voting Members
Lise YoungbladeDean, College of Health and Human SciencesN/AEx Officio Non-Voting Members
Kelly LongVice Provost for Undergraduate AffairsN/AEx Officio Non-Voting Members
David McLeanDean, College of EngineeringN/AEx Officio Non-Voting Members
Beth WalkerDean, College of BusinessN/AEx Officio Non-Voting Members
Kathleen FairfaxVice Provost for International AffairsN/AEx Officio Non-Voting Members
Ben WithersDean, College of Liberal ArtsN/AEx Officio Non-Voting Members
Mary StrombergerDean, Graduate SchoolN/AEx Officio Non-Voting Members
Sue DoeChair, Faculty Council2022Ex Officio Voting Committee Chair Members
Andrew NortonVice Chair, Faculty Council2022Ex Officio Voting Committee Chair Members
Melinda SmithBoard of Governors Faculty Representative2022Ex Officio Voting Committee Chair Members
Melinda SmithChair, Committee on Scholarship Research and Graduate Education2022Ex Officio Voting Committee Chair Members
Jerry MagloughlinChair, Committee on Libraries2022Ex Officio Voting Committee Chair Members
James GrahamChair, Committee on Strategic and Financial Planning2022Ex Officio Voting Committee Chair Members
Jenny MorseChair, Committee on Non-Tenure Track Faculty2022Ex Officio Voting Committee Chair Members
Bradley GoetzChair, University Curriculum Committee2022Ex Officio Voting Committee Chair Members
Marie LegareChair, Committee on Responsibilities and Standing of Academic Faculty2022Ex Officio Voting Committee Chair Members
Shawn ArchibequeChair, Committee on Teaching and Learning2022Ex Officio Voting Committee Chair Members
Steve ReisingChair, Committee on Faculty Governance2022Ex Officio Voting Committee Chair Members
Jose Luis Suarez-GarciaInterim Chair, Committee on University Programs2022Ex Officio Voting Committee Chair Members
TBDChair, Committee on Scholastic Standards2022Ex Officio Voting Committee Chair Members
Shane KanatousChair, Committee on Intercollegiate Athletics2022Ex Officio Voting Committee Chair Members
Susan (Suellen) MelzerCommittee on Non-Tenure Faculty2024Ex Offico Voting member
TBDCommittee on Non-Tenure Track Faculty2024Ex Officio Voting Member
Christine PawliukCommittee on Non-Tenure Track Faculty2022Ex Officio Voting Member
Leann KaiserCommittee on Non-Tenure Track Faculty2022Ex Officio Voting Member
Pinar Omur-OzbekCommittee on Non-Tenure Track Faculty2023Ex Officio Voting Member
Leslie Stone-RoyCommittee on Non-Tenure Track Faculty2022Ex Officio Voting Member
Mary Van BurenCommittee on Non-Tenure Track Faculty2023Ex Officio Voting Member
Steve BenoitCommittee on Non-Tenure Track Faculty2022Ex Officio Voting Member
Sean BryanCommittee on Non-Tenure Track Faculty2022Ex Officio Voting Member
Jamie NeilsonCommittee on Non-Tenure Track Faculty2023Ex-Officio Voting Member
Shannon HughesSchool of Social Work2022Health and Human Sciences
Erin ArnesonConstruction Management2024Health and Human Sciences
David SampsonFood Science and Human Nutrition2022Health and Human Sciences
Lisa DaunhauerHuman Development and Family Studies2023Health and Human Sciences
Sharon AndersonSchool of Education2024Health and Human Sciences
Raoul ReiserHealth and Exercise Science2022Health and Human Sciences
Aaron EakmanOccupational Therapy2023Health and Human Sciences
Ruoh-Nan (Terry) YanDesign and Merchandising2024Health and Human Sciences
Brian ButkiCollege-at-Large2024Health and Human Sciences
Jared OrsiHistory2023Liberal Arts
Jason BernagozziArt2022Liberal Arts
Morgan JohnsonCommunication Studies2022Liberal Arts
Maria Del Mar Lopez-CabralesLanguages, Literatures and Cultures2022Liberal Arts
Mary Van BurenAnthropology and Geography2023Liberal Arts
Albert BimperEthnic Studies2022Liberal Arts
Moti GorinPhilosophy2022Liberal Arts
Tony BeckerEnglish2023Liberal Arts
Wes KenneyMusic, Theater, and Dance2023Liberal Arts
Tara OpsalSociology2022Liberal Arts
Marni BergPolitical Science2024Liberal Arts
Michael HumphreyJournalism and Technical Communications2023Liberal Arts
Anders FremstadEconomics2024Liberal Arts
Antonio Pedros-GasconCollege-at-Large2023Liberal Arts
Ajean RyanCollege-at-Large2023Liberal Arts
Lisa LangstraatCollege-at-Large2024Liberal Arts
Allison GoarCollege-at-Large2024Liberal Arts
Abigail ShupeCollege-at-Large2024Liberal Arts
Emily MorganCollege-at-Large2023Liberal Arts
John Carlo PierceCollege-at-Large2024Liberal Arts
Yoichiro KannoFish,Wildlife, and Conservation Biology2024Natural Resources
William SanfordGeosciences2023Natural Resources
Chad HoffmanForest and Rangeland Stewardship2024Natural Resources
Randall BooneEcosystem Science and Sustainability2023Natural Resources
Alan BrightHuman Dimensions of Natural Resources2023Natural Resources
Ann Hess (substituting for Mary Meyer, on sabbatical 2021-2022)Statistics2022Natural Sciences
Silvia CanettoPsychology2022Natural Sciences
Ross McConnellComputer Science2022Natural Sciences
Emily Hardegree-UllmanPhysics2024Natural Sciences
Olve PeersenBiochemistry and Molecular Biology2022Natural Sciences
Rob PatonChemistry2023Natural Sciences
Mike AntolinBiology2024Natural Sciences
Yongcheng ZhouMathematics2023Natural Sciences
Alan Van OrdenCollege-at-Large2023Natural Sciences
Anton BettenCollege-at-Large2022Natural Sciences
Brad ConnerCollege-at-Large2022Natural Sciences
James LiuCollege-at-Large2023Natural Sciences
Linda MeyerLibraries2022University Libraries
Elizabeth RyanEnvironmental and Radiological Health Sciences2023Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences
DN Rao VeeramachaneniBiomedical Sciences2022Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences
Kevin HausslerClinical Sciences2022Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences
Tony SchountzMicrobiology, Immunology and Pathology2024Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences
Marie LegareCollege-at-Large2023Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences
Jennifer PeelCollege-at-Large2023Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences
Doreene HyattCollege-at-Large2024Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences
Candace MathiasonCollege-at-Large2022Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences
Christianne MageeCollege-at-Large2022Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences
John RosecranceCollege-at-Large2023Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences
Sheryl MagzamenCollege-at-Large2023Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences