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Faculty Wellness & Self-Care Resources

  • Ideas to Share
    • Self-care every day. Don’t leave it for when you’re drowning underneath the stress of work and expectations — carve out some time for self-care every day.
    • The Wellness Society’s Coronavirus Anxiety WorkbookAlso check out the other resources available at The Wellness Society.
    • Don’t let the complexities of the fall semester amid Covid-19 overwhelm all the good things that drove you to your discipline in the first place.
    • Science-based insights for a meaningful life at The Greater Good Magazine
    • Stress-busting sensesOur five sensescan do more than their expected external duties — they can help us find internal balance, too.
    • Accept the changing situation. The world may seem like it’s upside down now, but you can still create stability for yourself. Here are tipson how to reduce anxiety and isolation.
    • Productivity hacksStreamlining your approach to workhelps you become more productive, increases your focus and reduces stress.
    • Healthy stomach, healthy mind. When you’re busy, you tend to choose food for convenience rather than health. But your food choices have lasting effects— why not make them positive?
    • The fall semester promises to be as stressful as the spring. What can you do as a department chair to lead in a compassionate way?
    • Mindful Schools: Free Mindful Schools Classes for Kids.
    • Positive Psychology lessons & downloadables.
    • Self-Care Ideas for Mental Health.
      • Relax and allow yourself to do nothing (no cellphones allowed!)
      • Meditate
      • Read an educational book with a focus on personal growth
      • Listen to an educational podcast (news is not included as educational)
      • Play with your pet
      • Cuddle your significant other
      • Do something that makes you smile
      • Create something artistic or play an instrument
      • Listen to music you love
      • Practice gratitude with a gratitude journal
    • Self-Care Ideas for Emotional Health
      • Focus on your own needs and goals instead of comparing yourself to others
      • Practice compassion for yourself
      • Take a break from social media
      • Allow yourself to feel your feelings instead of running from them or distracting yourself
      • Read a fictional book that lifts your spirits
      • Take a break from technology—unplug
      • Help someone and don’t expect anything in return
      • Practice positive affirmations
      • Write down a few things you appreciate yourself