Committees operate on an academic year calendar.  The current year term is July 1, 2021- June 30, 2022.
(Committee members serve three-year terms unless otherwise indicated.)

Committee Members

CommitteeRepresentingElected MembersTerm Expires
Executive CommitteeAgricultural SciencesJane Stewart2022
Executive CommitteeBusinessRob Mitchell2022
Executive CommitteeChair
(Can serve up to 3 one-year elected terms)
Sue Doe2022
Executive CommitteeEngineeringSybil Sharvelle2022
Executive CommitteeFaculty Representative to Board of Governors
(2 - one-year elected terms)
Melinda Smith2022
Executive CommitteeHealth and Human SciencesSharon Anderson2022
Executive CommitteeLiberal ArtsAntonio Pedros-Gascon2022
Executive CommitteeNatural ResourcesWilliam Sanford2022
Executive CommitteeNatural SciencesMike Antolin2022
Executive CommitteeProvost / Executive Vice PresidentMary PedersenEx officio
Executive CommitteeStaff Support - Executive Assistant to Faculty CouncilAmy BarkleyStaff Support
Executive CommitteeUniversity LibrariesLinda Meyer2022
Executive CommitteeVeterinary Medicine and Biomedical SciencesJennifer Peel2022
Executive CommitteeVice-Chair
(unlimited one-year elected terms)
Andrew Norton2022
Faculty GovernanceAgricultural SciencesMike Wilkins2023
Faculty GovernanceBusinessLeo Vijayasarathy2022
Faculty GovernanceChair, Faculty CouncilSue DoeEx officio
Faculty GovernanceEngineeringSteve Reising, Chair2022
Faculty GovernanceHealth and Human SciencesSvetlana Olbina2023
Faculty GovernanceLiberal ArtsDoug Cloud2024
Faculty GovernanceNatural ResourcesTroy Ocheltree2022
Faculty GovernanceNatural SciencesAnne Cleary2023
Faculty GovernanceUniversity LibrariesMichelle Wilde2024
Faculty GovernanceVeterinary Medicine and Biomedical SciencesClaudia Gentry-Weeks2024
Information TechnologyAdministrative Professional CouncilTBDEx officio
Information TechnologyAgricultural SciencesTBD2025
Information TechnologyAssociate Vice President for ResearchChrista JohnsonEx officio
Information TechnologyBusinessTBD2025
Information TechnologyChair, Faculty CouncilSue DoeEx officio
Information TechnologyCollege IT Advisory Council (CITAC)TBDEx officio
Information TechnologyEngineeringTBD2025
Information TechnologyHealth and Human SciencesTBD2025
Information TechnologyLiberal ArtsTBD2025
Information TechnologyNatural ResourcesTBD2025
Information TechnologyNatural SciencesTBD2025
Information TechnologyStudent Representative (Graduate)TBD2022
Information TechnologyStudent Representative (Undergraduate)TBD2022
Information TechnologyThe Institute for Teaching and LearningGwen GorzelskyEx officio
Information TechnologyUniversity LibrariesTBD2025
Information TechnologyVeterinary Medicine and Biomedical SciencesTBD2025
Information TechnologyVice President for Information TechnologyBrandon BernierEx officio
Intercollegiate AthleticsAgricultural SciencesMichael Wilkins2022
Intercollegiate AthleticsBusinessTodd Donavan2023
Intercollegiate AthleticsChair, Faculty CouncilSue DoeEx officio
Intercollegiate AthleticsDirector, Intercollegiate Athletics Joe ParkerEx officio
Intercollegiate AthleticsEngineeringAzer Yalin2023
Intercollegiate AthleticsFaculty Representative to AthleticsKyle SaundersEx officio
Intercollegiate AthleticsHealth and Human SciencesKaren Hyllegard2022
Intercollegiate AthleticsLiberal ArtsCindy O'Donnell-Allen2022
Intercollegiate AthleticsNatural ResourcesKevin Crooks2022
Intercollegiate AthleticsNatural SciencesShane Kanatous, Chair2023
Intercollegiate AthleticsStudent Representative (Graduate)Rosaline Danzman2022
Intercollegiate AthleticsStudent Representative (Undergraduate)Jasper Sloss2022
Intercollegiate AthleticsUniversity LibrariesYongli Zhou2023
Intercollegiate AthleticsVeterinary Medicine and Biomedical SciencesQuint Winger2024
LibrariesAgricultural SciencesFranck Dayan2024
LibrariesAssistant to the Dean of LibrariesLani WilliamsStaff Support
LibrariesBusinessJon Clark2023
LibrariesChair, Faculty CouncilSue DoeEx officio
LibrariesDean of LibrariesKaren EstlundEx officio
LibrariesEngineeringJianguo Zhao2022
LibrariesHealth and Human SciencesRodolfo Valdes-Vasquez2023
LibrariesLiberal ArtsMary Vogl (substituting for Hye Seung Chung, on sabbatical 2021-2022)2023
LibrariesNatural ResourcesJerry Magloughlin, Chair2022
LibrariesNatural SciencesJames Wilson2022
LibrariesStudent Representative (Graduate)Vaishnavi Sonarikar2022
LibrariesStudent Representative (Undergraduate)Genova Mumford2022
LibrariesUniversity LibrariesPatricia Rettig2022
LibrariesVeterinary Medicine and Biomedical SciencesNoreen Reist2024
LibrariesVice President for ResearchDavid PatersonEx officio
Non-Tenure Track FacultyAgricultural SciencesSusan (Suellen) Melzer2024
Non-Tenure Track FacultyBusinessJenny Morse, ChairEx officio Voting
Non-Tenure Track FacultyChair, Faculty CouncilSue DoeEx officio
Non-Tenure Track FacultyHealth and Human SciencesLeann Kaiser2022
Non-Tenure Track FacultyLiberal ArtsThomas Conway2024
Non-Tenure Track FacultyLibrariesChristine Pawliuk2022
Non-Tenure Track FacultyNatural ResourcesSean Bryan2022
Non-Tenure Track FacultyNatural SciencesSteve Benoit, Vice Chair2022
Non-Tenure Track FacultyVeterinary Medicine and Biomedical SciencesLeslie Stone-Roy2022
Non-Tenure Track FacultyStudent Representative (Graduate)Kendall Stephenson2022
Non-Tenure Track FacultyStudent Representative (Undergraduate)Shoaib Memon2022
Responsibilities and Standing of Academic FacultyAgricultural SciencesJennifer Martin, Vice Chair2024
Responsibilities and Standing of Academic FacultyBusinessHong Miao2023
Responsibilities and Standing of Academic FacultyChair, Faculty CouncilSue DoeEx officio
Responsibilities and Standing of Academic FacultyEngineeringChris Weinberger2022
Responsibilities and Standing of Academic FacultyHealth and Human SciencesGloria Luong2023
Responsibilities and Standing of Academic FacultyLiberal ArtsStephen Mumme2022
Responsibilities and Standing of Academic FacultyNatural ResourcesLise Aubry2022
Responsibilities and Standing of Academic FacultyNatural SciencesRichard Eykholt2023
Responsibilities and Standing of Academic FacultyUniversity LibrariesMark Shelstad2024
Responsibilities and Standing of Academic FacultyVeterinary Medicine and Biomedical SciencesMarie Legare, Chair2023
Scholarship, Research and Graduate EducationAgricultural SciencesGregory D. Graff2022
Scholarship, Research and Graduate EducationAssistant to Dean of Graduate SchoolLudy AvalosStaff Support
Scholarship, Research and Graduate EducationBusinessNick Roberts2023
Scholarship, Research and Graduate EducationChair, Faculty CouncilSue DoeEx officio
Scholarship, Research and Graduate EducationDean, Graduate SchoolMary StrombergerEx officio
Scholarship, Research and Graduate EducationEngineeringMatt Kipper2022
Scholarship, Research and Graduate EducationHealth and Human SciencesChris Harper2022
Scholarship, Research and Graduate EducationLiberal ArtsDawn Grapes2024
Scholarship, Research and Graduate EducationNatural ResourcesWilliam Sanford2023
Scholarship, Research and Graduate EducationNatural SciencesMelinda Smith, Chair2024
Scholarship, Research and Graduate EducationOffice of the Vice President for ResearchTBDEx officio
Scholarship, Research and Graduate EducationStudent Representative (Graduate)Juli Scamardo2022
Scholarship, Research and Graduate EducationUniversity LibrariesMichelle Wilde2022
Scholarship, Research and Graduate EducationVeterinary Medicine and Biomedical SciencesSeonil Kim2024
Scholastic StandardsAgricultural SciencesZachary Johnson 2022
Scholastic StandardsBusinessMichael Gross2022
Scholastic StandardsEngineeringSteve Simske2024
Scholastic StandardsFaculty Council, ChairSue DoeEx officio
Scholastic StandardsHealth and Human SciencesTobin Lopes2025
Scholastic StandardsLiberal ArtsJason Frazier2023
Scholastic StandardsNatural ResourcesSean Gallen2022
Scholastic StandardsNatural SciencesAlan Kennan, Chair2024
Scholastic StandardsOffice of the ProvostJill Putman, Assistant to the ChairEx officio
Scholastic StandardsUniversity LibrariesJocelyn Boice2022
Scholastic StandardsVeterinary Medicine and Biomedical SciencesGerrit Bouma2023
Strategic and Financial PlanningAdministrative Professional Council ChairSarah OlsonEx officio Voting
Strategic and Financial PlanningAgricultural SciencesGeoff Morris2024
Strategic and Financial PlanningAssociate Vice President for FinanceAngela Nielsen (representing Lynn Johnson)Ex officio
Strategic and Financial PlanningBusinessRob Schwebach2024
Strategic and Financial PlanningChair, Faculty CouncilSue DoeEx officio
Strategic and Financial PlanningClassified Personnel Council ChairAdrian MacdonaldEx officio Voting
Strategic and Financial PlanningCollege Dean RepresentativeBenjamin Withers, Dean College of Liberal ArtsEx officio
Strategic and Financial PlanningEngineeringDavid Dandy2023
Strategic and Financial PlanningHealth and Human SciencesJames E. Graham, Chair2022
Strategic and Financial PlanningLiberal ArtsGamze Cavdar2024
Strategic and Financial PlanningLibrariesHeidi Zuniga2023
Strategic and Financial PlanningNatural ResourcesLisa Stright2024
Strategic and Financial PlanningNatural SciencesTBD2024
Strategic and Financial PlanningNon-Tenure Track Faculty RepresentativeJoseph DiVerdi
Ex officio Voting
Strategic and Financial PlanningOffice of the ProvostLaura Jensen, Associate ProvostEx officio
Strategic and Financial PlanningStudent Representative (Graduate)TBD2022
Strategic and Financial PlanningStudent Representative (Undergraduate)James Hogan2022
Strategic and Financial PlanningVeterinary Medicine and Biomedical SciencesMatthew Johnston2022
Teaching and LearningAgricultural SciencesShawn Archibeque, Chair2022
Teaching and LearningBusinessLumina S. Albert2024
Teaching and LearningChair, Faculty CouncilSue DoeEx officio
Teaching and LearningEngineeringKaran Venayagamoorthy2022
Teaching and LearningHealth and Human SciencesJames Folkestad2023
Teaching and LearningLiberal ArtsCayla Bellamy2024
Teaching and LearningNatural ResourcesCourtney Schultz2022
Teaching and LearningNatural SciencesBenjamin Clegg2022
Teaching and LearningOffice of the ProvostSusan James, Vice Provost for Faculty AffairsEx officio
Teaching and LearningRegistrar's OfficeD. Tobiassen Baitinger, Associate RegistrarEx officio
Teaching and LearningStudent Representative (Graduate)Sarah Myers2022
Teaching and LearningStudent Representative (Undergraduate)Frankie Hendricks2022
Teaching and LearningThe Institute for Learning and TeachingGwen Gorzelsky, Director, TILTEx officio
Teaching and LearningUniversity LibrariesRenae Watson2022
Teaching and LearningVeterinary Medicine and Biomedical SciencesJoshua Schaeffer2023
Teaching and LearningVice President for Student Affairs OfficeJody Donovan, Associate Dean for StudentsEx officio
Tenure Stream Faculty on CoNTTFLiberal ArtsMary Van Buren2023
Tenure Stream Faculty on CoNTTFNatural SciencesJamie Neilson2022
University CurriculumAgricultural SciencesBradley Goetz, Chair2023
University CurriculumBusinessRalph Switzer2024
University CurriculumChair, Faculty CouncilSue DoeEx officio
University CurriculumEngineeringBrad Reisfeld2024
University CurriculumHealth and Human SciencesBrian Tracy2024
University CurriculumNatural ResourcesSeth Davis2022
University CurriculumNatural SciencesMartin Gelfand2022
University CurriculumOffice of the ProvostKelly Long, Vice Provost for Undergraduate AffairsEx officio
University CurriculumStaff Support - Curriculum Liaison SpecialistShelly EllerbyStaff Support
University Curriculum Student Representative (Graduate)Alaina Birkel2022
University Curriculum Student Representative (Undergraduate)Brandon Lowry2022
University CurriculumUniversity LibrariesKristy Nowak2024
University CurriculumVeterinary Medicine and Biomedical SciencesDoreene Hyatt2023
University ProgramsAgricultural SciencesThomas Borch2024
University ProgramsBusinessTian Wang2024
University ProgramsChair, Faculty CouncilSue DoeEx officio
University ProgramsEngineeringPeter Jan van Leeuwen2024
University ProgramsHealth and Human SciencesLaurie Carlson2024
University ProgramsLiberal ArtsJose Luis Suarez-Garcia, Interim Chair2023
University ProgramsNatural ResourcesDavid Koons2024
University ProgramsNatural SciencesAnireddy Reddy2023
University ProgramsOffice of the Vice President for ResearchDinaida EganEx officio
University ProgramsStaff SupportJoe Frye, Administrative Support for CUPStaff Support
University ProgramsStudent Representative (Graduate)Kaylee Clark2022
University ProgramsStudent Representative (Undergraduate)Kellie (Key) Doucette2022
University ProgramsUniversity LibrariesJocelyn Boice2022
University ProgramsVeterinary Medicine and Biomedical SciencesTBD 2023