Committees operate on an academic year calendar. ┬áThe current year term is July 1, 2017 – June 30, 2018.
(Committee members serve three-year terms unless otherwise indicated.)

Committee Members

CommitteeRepresentingElected MembersTerm Expires
University ProgramsNatural ResourcesStuart Cottrell2018
University ProgramsNatural SciencesAnireddy Reddy2020
University ProgramsHealth and Human SciencesThorsten Rudroff2018
University ProgramsAgricultural SciencesTanja Hess2018
University ProgramsOffice of the Vice President for ResearchHank Gardner, Assoc. Vice President for ResearchEx officio
University ProgramsChair, Faculty CouncilTimothy GallagherEx officio
University ProgramsStaff SupportLinda Foster, Office VPR - CIOSU Record KeepingStaff Support
University ProgramsStudent Representative (Graduate)Ryan Czarny2018
University ProgramsEngineeringJeff Collett2018
University ProgramsStudent Representative (Undergraduate)Cole Wise2018
University ProgramsLiberal ArtsJose Luis Suarez-Garcia2020
University ProgramsVeterinary Medicine and Biomedical SciencesMo Salman, Chair2020
University ProgramsBusinessTian Wang2018
University ProgramsUniversity LibrariesPatty Rettig2019
University CurriculumAgricultural SciencesBradley Goetz2020
University CurriculumChair, Faculty CouncilTimothy GallagherEx officio
University CurriculumUniversity LibrariesBeth Oehlerts2018
University CurriculumOffice of the ProvostKelly Long, Vice Provost for Undergraduate AffairsEx officio
University CurriculumLiberal ArtsMike Hogan2020
University CurriculumNatural SciencesMartin Gelfand2019
University CurriculumBusinessPaul Mallette2018
University CurriculumHealth and Human SciencesCarole Makela, Chair2018
University CurriculumStudent Representative (Undergraduate)Alissa Huber2018
University CurriculumStudent Representative (Graduate)Kevin Jablonski2018
University CurriculumStaff Support - Curriculum Liaison SpecialistShelly EllerbyStaff Support
University CurriculumEngineeringBrad Reisfeld2018
University CurriculumWarner College of Natural ResourcesSally Sutton2020
University CurriculumVeterinary Medicine and Biomedical SciencesDoreene Hyatt2020
Teaching and LearningVice President for Student Affairs OfficeJody Donovan, Associate Dean of StudentsEx officio
Teaching and LearningChair, Faculty CouncilTimothy GallagherEx officio
Teaching and LearningStudent Representative (Undergraduate)Bayler Shubert2018
Teaching and LearningNatural SciencesBenjamin Clegg2019
Teaching and LearningAgricultural SciencesShawn Archibeque
Teaching and LearningBusinessLumina S. Albert2018
Teaching and LearningOffice of the ProvostDan Bush, Vice Provost for Faculty AffairsEx officio
Teaching and LearningNatural ResourcesRandy Boone2019
Teaching and LearningThe Institute for Learning and TeachingGwen Gorzelsky, Director, TILTEx officio
Teaching and LearningRegistrar's OfficeD. Tobiassen Baitinger, Associate RegistrarEx officio
Teaching and LearningLiberal ArtsAparna Gollapudi2018
Teaching and LearningUniversity LibrariesRenae Newhouse2019
Teaching and LearningVeterinary Medicine and Biomedical SciencesJennifer McLean
Teaching and LearningEngineeringKaran Venayagamoorthy2019
Teaching and LearningStudent Representative (Graduate)Lindsay Lammers2018
Teaching and LearningHealth and Human SciencesMatt Hickey, Chair2019
Strategic and Financial PlanningAssociate Vice President for FinanceAngela Nielsen (representing Lynn Johnson)Ex officio
Strategic and Financial PlanningAgricultural SciencesGregory Perry2018
Strategic and Financial PlanningAdministrative Professional Council ChairShannon WagnerEx officio Voting
Strategic and Financial PlanningUniversity LibrariesLouise Feldman2020
Strategic and Financial PlanningCollege Dean RepresentativeJohn Hayes, WCNREx officio
Strategic and Financial PlanningLiberal Arts John Straayer2018
Strategic and Financial PlanningNatural ResourcesJohn Ridley2019
Strategic and Financial PlanningVeterinary Medicine and Biomedical SciencesJeff Wilusz2019
Strategic and Financial PlanningBusinessRob Schwebach2018
Strategic and Financial PlanningEngineeringChuck Shackelford2020
Strategic and Financial PlanningStudent Representative (Undergraduate)Michael Wells2018
Strategic and Financial PlanningStudent Representative (Graduate)Arnold Paecklar2018
Strategic and Financial PlanningOffice of the ProvostLaura Jensen, Associate ProvostEx officio
Strategic and Financial PlanningHealth and Human SciencesKatharine Leigh, Chair2019
Strategic and Financial PlanningChair, Faculty CouncilTimothy GallagherEx officio
Strategic and Financial PlanningNatural SciencesGeorge Barisas2018
Strategic and Financial PlanningClassified Personnel Council ChairStacey BaumgarnEx officio Voting
Strategic and Financial PlanningNon-tenure Track Faculty, ChairJenny Morse
Ex officio Voting
Scholastic StandardsHealth and Human SciencesKaren Barrett, Chair2019
Scholastic StandardsFaculty Council, ChairTimothy GallagherEx officio
Scholastic StandardsEngineeringKetul Popat2018
Scholastic StandardsAgricultural SciencesPaul Ode2018
Scholastic StandardsUniversity LibrariesKristy Nowak2019
Scholastic StandardsOffice of the ProvostMadlyn D'Andrea, Director, CASA (Collaborative for Student Achievement)Ex officio
Scholastic StandardsBusinessYolanda Sarason2019
Scholastic StandardsVeterinary Medicine and Biomedical SciencesKristy Dowers2020
Scholastic StandardsNatural SciencesTBD2017
Scholastic StandardsLiberal ArtsJason Frazier2020
Scholastic StandardsNatural ResourcesLiba Goldstein
(temporary - one year)
Scholarship, Research and Graduate EducationNatural ResourcesJerry Magloughlin substituting for William Sanford (sabbatical Spring 2018)2019
Scholarship, Research and Graduate EducationBusinessDonald Samelson, Chair2018
Scholarship, Research and Graduate EducationEngineeringSid Suryanarayanan2019
Scholarship, Research and Graduate EducationDean, Graduate SchoolJodie HanzlikEx officio
Scholarship, Research and Graduate EducationVeterinary Medicine and Biomedical SciencesRuss Anthony2018
Scholarship, Research and Graduate EducationOffice of the Vice President for ResearchHank Gardner, Associate Vice President for ResearchEx officio
Scholarship, Research and Graduate EducationStudent Representative (Graduate)Megan Jones2018
Scholarship, Research and Graduate EducationUniversity LibrariesMichelle Wilde
(substituting for Allison Level during sabbatical Sept '17-Feb '18; Allison returns March 2018)
Scholarship, Research and Graduate EducationLiberal ArtsJohnny Plastini2018
Scholarship, Research and Graduate EducationChair, Faculty CouncilTimothy GallagherEx officio
Scholarship, Research and Graduate EducationHealth and Human SciencesJuyeon Park2020
Scholarship, Research and Graduate EducationNatural SciencesMelinda Smith2018
Scholarship, Research and Graduate EducationAgricultural SciencesGregory D. Graff2019
Scholarship, Research and Graduate EducationAssistant to the Dean of the Graduate SchoolLudy AvalosStaff Support
Responsibilities and Standing of Academic FacultyBusinessHong Miao2020
Responsibilities and Standing of Academic FacultyHealth and Human SciencesSvetlana Olbina2020
Responsibilities and Standing of Academic FacultyVeterinary Medicine and Biomedical SciencesMarie Legare, Chair2020
Responsibilities and Standing of Academic FacultyAgricultural SciencesJennifer Martin2018
Responsibilities and Standing of Academic FacultyChair, Faculty CouncilTimothy GallagherEx officio
Responsibilities and Standing of Academic FacultyNatural SciencesRichard Eykholt2020
Responsibilities and Standing of Academic FacultyNatural ResourcesMike Falkowski2020
Responsibilities and Standing of Academic FacultyEngineeringChristian Puttlitz2019
Responsibilities and Standing of Academic FacultyUniversity LibrariesLinda Meyer2018
Responsibilities and Standing of Academic FacultyLiberal ArtsTim Amidon2018
Non-Tenure Track FacultyChair, Faculty CouncilTimothy GallagherEx officio
Non-Tenure Track FacultyAgricultural SciencesMatt Camper2018
Non-Tenure Track FacultyLiberal ArtsNatalie Barnes2018
Non-Tenure Track FacultyLibrariesTobin Magle2019
Non-Tenure Track FacultyBusinessJenny Morse, ChairEx officio Voting
Non-Tenure Track FacultyRegular Faculty - CVMBSC.W. Miller2020
Non-Tenure Track FacultyHealth and Human SciencesPatty Stutz-Tanenbaum2019
Non-Tenure Track FacultyEngineeringDan Baker2020
Non-Tenure Track FacultyVeterinary Medicine and Biomedical SciencesLeslie Stone-Roy2019
Non-Tenure Track FacultyRegular Faculty - Liberal ArtsMary Van Buren2020
Non-Tenure Track FacultyNatural ResourcesNatalie Ooi2018
Non-Tenure Track FacultyNatural SciencesSteve Benoit2019
LibrariesBusinessLaurence E. Johnson2018
LibrariesNatural ResourcesJerry Magloughlin2019
LibrariesAgricultural SciencesKellie Enns2020
LibrariesHealth and Human SciencesMehmet Ozbek2020
LibrariesEngineeringMazdak Arabi2019
LibrariesVeterinary Medicine and Biomedical SciencesNoreen Reist2018
LibrariesStudent Representative (Undergraduate)Nate Rhine2018
LibrariesStudent Representative (Graduate)Eric Knutson2018
LibrariesUniversity LibrariesNancy Hunter, Chair2019
LibrariesLiberal ArtsHye Seung Chung2020
LibrariesNatural SciencesMartin Gelfand2018
LibrariesChair, Faculty CouncilTimothy GallagherEx officio
LibrariesAssistant to the Dean of LibrariesBecky TamlinStaff Support
LibrariesVice President for ResearchJessica PrenniEx officio
LibrariesDean of LibrariesPatrick BurnsEx officio
Intercollegiate AthleticsEngineeringStephen Milton2019
Intercollegiate AthleticsChair, Faculty CouncilTimothy GallagherEx officio
Intercollegiate AthleticsAgricultural SciencesAndrew Seidl2019
Intercollegiate AthleticsHealth and Human SciencesKaren Hyllegard2019
Intercollegiate AthleticsBusinessTodd Donavan, Chair2020
Intercollegiate AthleticsNatural SciencesShane Kanatous2020
Intercollegiate AthleticsDirector, Intercollegiate Athletics Joe ParkerEx officio
Intercollegiate AthleticsVeterinary Medicine and Biomedical SciencesCraig Webb2018
Intercollegiate AthleticsNatural ResourcesKevin Crooks2019
Intercollegiate AthleticsStudent Representative (Undergraduate)Liam Aubrey2018
Intercollegiate AthleticsStudent Representative (Graduate)Shane Garland2018
Intercollegiate AthleticsUniversity LibrariesMark Shelstad2020
Intercollegiate AthleticsFaculty Representative to AthleticsJames FrancisEx officio
Intercollegiate AthleticsLiberal ArtsKyle Saunders2018
Faculty GovernanceAgricultural SciencesRuth Hufbauer2020
Faculty GovernanceLiberal ArtsEmily Moore2018
Faculty GovernanceNatural SciencesDonald Estep, Chair2019
Faculty GovernanceBusinessLeo Vijayasarathy2019
Faculty GovernanceNatural ResourcesTroy Ocheltree2019
Faculty GovernanceHealth and Human SciencesScott Shuler2020
Faculty GovernanceEngineeringSteve Reising, Co-Chair2019
Faculty GovernanceUniversity LibrariesNaomi Lederer
(substituting for Allison Level during sabbatical Sept /'17-Feb'18 -Allison returns March 2018)
Faculty GovernanceChair, Faculty CouncilTimothy GallagherEx officio
Faculty GovernanceVeterinary Medicine and Biomedical SciencesQuinton Winger2018
Executive CommitteeAgricultural SciencesScott Nissen (Fall 2017); Stephan Kroll (Spring 2018)2018
Executive CommitteeVeterinary Medicine and Biomedical SciencesAnne Avery2018
Executive CommitteeLiberal ArtsStephen Mumme (substituting for Steven Shulman Spring '18 Sabbatical)2018
Executive CommitteeNatural SciencesGeorge Barisas2018
Executive CommitteeBusinessStephen Hayne2018
Executive CommitteeChair
(3 one-year elected terms)
Timothy Gallagher2018
Executive CommitteeUniversity LibrariesNancy Hunter2018
Executive CommitteeVice-Chair
(unlimited one-year elected terms)
Sue Doe2018
Executive CommitteeProvost / Executive Vice PresidentRick MirandaEx officio
Executive CommitteeStaff Support - Executive Assistant to Faculty CouncilRita KnollStaff Support
Executive CommitteeHealth and Human SciencesCarole Makela2018
Executive CommitteeEngineeringSteven Reising2018
Executive CommitteeNatural ResourcesWilliam Sanford (Fall 2017); Monique Rocca (Spring 2018)2018
Executive CommitteeFaculty Representative to Board of Governors
(2 - one-year elected terms)
Margarita Lenk2018