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Section A. History of the University

Section B. Organization of the University

Section C: Faculty Government and the Code of Colorado State University

Section D. Faculty and Administrative Professionals

Section E. Faculty

Section F. Leave Policies

Section G. Faculty and Administrative Professional Privileges and Benefits

Section H. Changes to the Academic Faculty and Administrative Professional Manual

Section I. Academic and Legal Matters

Section J. Rights and Responsibilities Related to Creative Works

Section K. Resolution of Disputes


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Manual Change Process

The Academic Faculty & Administrative Professional Manual is a living document reflecting current needs informed by deliberative processes. There are seven distinct steps in the manual change process:

  1. Parties Identify Need
    • Faculty Council leadership, a task force, a faculty group, or an administrator identifies a challenge or problem and some ideas. 
  2. Standing Committee Works
    • One or more standing committees from Faculty Council deliberate over the concept and either refer to someone else or make Manual change recommendation.
  3. Executive Committee Reviews
    • A motion of the standing committee(s) goes before the Executive Committee of Faculty Council for their review. If the Executive Committee declares it ready to stand debate on the floor of Faculty Council, the Executive Committee approves it and moves it forward. 
  4. Faculty Council Deliberates
    • The Faculty Council receives the motion two weeks ahead of the meting if a Code change (Section C of the manual), or one week ahead of the meeting as part of the regular agenda.
  5. Faculty Council Votes
    • At a regular meeting the Faculty Council votes on the motion, which is presented by the appropriate standing committee.
  6. Office of General Counsel and Administrative Professional Council Weigh In
    • Other groups weigh in — the Office of General Counsel and the Administrative Professional Council, if the item pertains to administrative professionals. 
  7. Board of Governors reviews and approves or disapproves
    • The Board of Governors votes whether to approve the change to the manual. If approved, the change becomes part of the manual.

Manual Change Process PDF

Manuals Archive

Archival records of the Academic Faculty and Administrative Professional Manuals can be found on Mountain Scholar through the Colorado State University Libraries.

Academic Faculty and Administrative Professional Manuals Archive – CSU Libraries