A Faculty Council Task Force is a temporary organization/unit (or special committee) formed expressly for the purpose of studying a particular problem. Task Forces typically are convened for a semester or two but can be longer in duration. Refer to Section D of the Faculty Council Procedures Handbook (PDF) for additional information.

Current Task Forces

Task Force on Interdisciplinary Undergraduate Degrees

Charge: Examine potential structural models for creating interdisciplinary majors that are not housed in a single college, and assess the pros and cons of these models.

Co-chairs: Sarah Badding, Nancy Richardson Design Center | Shawn Bingham, CSU Honors Program

Task Force on Principles of Community

Charge: Recommend activities that Faculty Council should undertake to support Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Social Justice (DEIJ) on campus, and assess the need for a Faculty Council Standing Committee on Principles of Community/DEIJ.

Co-chairs: Lumina Albert, College of Business | Jimena Bretón, Librairies

Task Force on Standalone Undergraduate Certificates

Charge: Shepherd the implementation of meaningful, standalone undergraduate certificates for non-degree seeking students at CSU.

Co-chairs: TBD

Past Task Forces

All reports are in PDF format.

AY 2022-23

Fall 2022 – This task force studied CSU’s budget and budgetary processes and devised recommendations for enhancing transparency and accountability of budgets at all levels of CSU’s administration.

Task force members: Fabiola Ehlers-Zavala, Anders Fremstad, Blake Naughton, Robert Schwebach, Anthony Maciejewski, and Kendall Stephenson.

Final Report – Budget 101 to Capstone Task Force

Fall 2022 – This task force assessed the causes behind the 2018-approved adjunct-continuing-contract system producing less of a shift of faculty from adjunct and continuing positions to contract appointments than was expected. 

Task force members: Christine Pawliuk, Tracy Brady, Thomas Conway, and Jared Orsi.

Final Report – Contracts Task Force

Fall 2022 – This task force determined current challenges and envisioned possible futures for CSU to identify opportunities for centrally involving faculty within all levels of University work.

Task force members: Rob Mitchell, Joseph DiVerdi, Jennifer Martin, James Graham, and Timothy Amidon.

Final Report – Innovation and Visioning Task Force

Fall 2022 – Manual changes that were passed by Faculty Council in spring 2021 failed to pass the review of the Office of General Counsel that summer and hence did not become Academic Faculty and Administrative Professional Manual language and policy. This task force worked to understand the concerns that led to the rejection of the language and identified strategies for obtaining an improved outcome.

Task force members: Carole Makela, Jennifer Martin, Andrew Norton, and Mary Van Buren.

Final Report – Shared Governance Task Force

AY 2021-22

Spring 2022 – This task force deliberated curricular requirements, faculty development, assessment, implementation, and more aspects of the curricular transition from All-University Core Curriculum 3E: Diversity and Global Awareness (Foundations and Perspectives) to 1C: Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (Fundamental Competencies).

Task force members: Becki Atadero, Ashby Butnor, Michelle Foster, Brad Goetz, Steve Benoit, and Mary Vogl.

Final Report – AUCC 1C Task Force

AY 2020-21

Fall 2020 – In light of challenges associated with the increasing use of educational technology, this task force examined communication and engagement models to strengthen future partnership between the IT infrastructure and faculty, discussing challenges and opportunities for improving the IT system as it relates to the teaching, research, service, and administrative missions that faculty perform.

Task force members: Timothy R. Amidon, Brooke Anderson, Nancy Henke, Eric Tisdale, and Karan Venayagamoorthy.

Final Report – Information Technology Task Force

Fall 2020 – This task force identified and provided recommendations regarding intellectual property concerns around faculty teaching materials.

Task force members: Tim Gallagher, Paul Doherty, and Stephanie Clemons.

Spring 2021 – This task force continued work from the Fall 2020 IP Task Force and focused on changes to Section J of the Academic Faculty and Administrative Professional Manual, online teaching contracts, copyright and intellectual property educational needs, and tracking progress on the fall task force’s recommendations.

Task force members: Jason Bernagozzi, Lisa Daunhauer, Paul Doherty, Aaron Eakman, Stephanie Malin, William Sanford, and Khaleedah Thomas.

Final Reports – Intellectual Property Task Force

Fall 2020 – This task force devised recommendations to change the Academic Faculty and Administrative Professional Manual to better acknowledge the importance of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in faculty work and support this through tenure and promotion processes.

Task force members: Susan James, Ruth Hufbauer, and Sue Doe.

Final Report – RBEI Task Force

Fall 2020 – Reflecting nationwide concern about the decline of shared governance practices during the pandemic, this task force developed a proposal to incorporate specific new language about shared governance into the Academic Faculty and Administrative Professional Manual.

Task force members: Lisa Langstraat, Sue Doe, and Carole Makela.

Final Report – Shared Governance Task Force