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Faculty Council is the representative body for the academic faculty in shared governance at CSU.  The Faculty Council, subject to statutes of the State and regulations and policies of the Board of Governors (BOG), has jurisdiction over the general educational policies of the University and passes all rules and regulations necessary to University government.  Faculty Council membership consists of one elected representative from each academic department and the Libraries, and a proportionate representation from each college as voting members.  Upper-level administrators are ex officio non-voting members.

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Faculty Council Harry Rosenberg Distinguished Service Award

Congratulations to Richard Eykholt, Associate Professor, College of Natural Sciences.  In recognition of his distinguished service to Colorado State University’s Faculty Council, Eykholt was presented a plaque and an honorarium during the 2018 Spring Faculty Council meeting.

Eykholt has devoted 20 years of his career serving the University and its Faculty in various Faculty Council roles, including as: the At-Large representative to Faculty Council from the College of Natural Sciences from 1998-2007; Chair of Faculty Council for three years, from 2008-2011; Member of the Committee on Special and Temporary Faculty (now CoNTTF) from 2011-2014; Member of Committee on Responsibilities and Standing of Academic Faculty from 2001-2007 and again from 2014-present; Chair of CoRSAF from 2002-2007.

During his service on Faculty Council, Eykholt was responsible for drafting much of the language in the Academic Faculty and Administrative Professional Manual, including Section K.  To this day, Eykholt is viewed as having expert knowledge in the Manual’s policies, and he is often consulted by faculty and administrators seeking historical context and perspectives on interpretation of the Manual’s policies.  As a member and officer, he has indirectly benefited the Council over the years through his mentorship and support of Faculty Council chairs who served after him.

About the Award

Sue Davis Pendell, a communication studies faculty member who served as the fourth Faculty Council Chair, created the Faculty Council Harry Rosenberg Distinguished Service Award as an endowment to honor Harry Rosenberg, a Department of History faculty member and the first elected Faculty Council Chair.

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